I strolled down the street eating a hot dog. "Wonder where Lowey and Pawa ran off to?", I wondered as I turned a corner. I fell back on the ground. "Wha...Lowey? Where have you been?", I said as she turned to look at me. "Ah Seraphi, I need to talk to you!", she shouted as she bolted onto her feet. "Are you okay? You look worried?", I asked her as I dusted myself off. "My dad is trying to send me to live with my aunt!", Lowey shouted at me. "What? Where does your aunt live?", I asked. "Far up in the mountains.", Lowey said. "Hm, well that's no good...I'd be losing such a close friend...actually, you're the only one I know of that probably knows so much about...and won't try to kill me!", I laughed and Lowey starred at me. "Okay, let's talk about this so I know what's going on.", I said as we walked over to a hot dog cart and bought two hot dogs. "SO, how dod this start?", I asked her as I handed her one of the hot dogs.