Oh No!


I had packed my stuff soon after he sent us to different rooms. I must say, she really out-spoke dad. He was speechless, but yet he still is sending me to live with my aunt. What about Seraphi? And Chip? And Cece? And everyone else I don't feel like saying because I'm worrying my brains out. My bed felt like the only thing keeping me from rocking in the fettle position.
"Calm down. Everything is going to be alright." Pawa comforted me while reading a book about Sweden. I bet that is where I'm going. She can't come with me. I can't stand this any longer! I felt like I was going to break out into a song for Pete's sake! I stood up.
"I'll be back whenever." I sneaked out the window to prevent not being caught. I walked to the park. The only person I really want to talk to right now is Seraphi. He wasn't there. I went to Stein's but he still wasn't there. Where are you Seraphi? I thought. I need you.