Seraphi You Weenie


"Well, one way out of anything is up!" I supported.
"Explain. The walls around the cemetery have iron spikes on them." Kidd Death pointed out. I don't think that matters now. I thought about what we could do.
"The underground is too dangerous. I think I may be able to do something, but my idea my not be true." I took 6 or 7 steps away from the group. I concentrated on the iron bars on the tops. Bend dang you. I thought. Maybe my newly acquired skill may be of use. I felt a ring of bones come around me as I tried to bend those with my skilleo. A second or two later, they bent oddly down in way they could be used as a bridge.
"Here you go." I pointed towards the iron-spike bridge. Some of them hesitated, but went over. After a while of boring, seemingly quick walking, we made it to a point where we split up.
"Before you split," I caught Seraphi by the hand. "You're a weenie for not stepping up and being a man. I mean, come on, you're a man, right?" I whispered in his ear, smiled, then jolted away with Pawa in sight. We came to a tan house that contained a man known for hating everyone.
"You may want to wait outside, just for safety." I patted her head and went inside. "Dad! I have something I need to talk to you about!" I yelled. He came around the corner.
"Yes?" We sat down on the couch.
"I'll won't skimp: I danced, and even kissed, Seraphi Asmaltima." I sat up. I saw shock, then anger, then killing anger.
"Why?! He is just some homeless, selfish little- You are going to live with your Aunt Widdila for 5 years. I will not listen to your petty pleading. You most likely be going in two days." He stood up and walked out. My aunt lives deep in some snowy mountains, very far away from civilization. All they do for a livong is herd goats.
"Nooooooooo!" I cried. I heard my dad coming back, but not on his own. Pawa was pushing him.
"Sit down. She has done nothing wrong." She shoved him back down onto the couch.
"Oh ya? Is that so?" He said, looking tough.
"You shouldn't be punishing her." She ignored him.
"Because you are just prejudice. Lowey has done nothing bad, and I think that she actually did something good. You only disagree because you are just an uber gay man who is afraid of his own shadow and doesn't even love his own wife." She stood strong.