Seraphi- Turn back

I heard Lowey shout and I turned. I ran back to the group and found Lowey with Luna and Umbra. "Oh good, you're good now!", I laughed as Luna smiled and Umbra sighed. "So, why did you shout no?", I asked her. "It's dangerous ahead...", Lowey said as I looked over the wound. "I was worried that they'd do something to my parents grave.", I said as I gave the thumbs up to Luna and Umbra for the medical work. "So, what should we do now?", I asked as I looked at everyone. I slowly turned back to look at Lowey and Pawa. "Well?", I said. They shrugged. Umbra and Luna jumped back and pulled Lowey down to their level. "Speaking of parents...does your father know about the dance?", Umbra said. "Just to lighten the mood!", Luna chimmed. "Why do you ask?", Lowey said. "Seraphi is scared to death of your father...", Luna laughed as Pawa tried to hold her laugh in. "What's so funny?", I asked as they looked at me. "Oh, nothing!", Luna said. "...right then.", I said as I sat on a stump. "We'll need a plan. Everyone should rest up and we'll continue after a break. There's only one entrance to the cemetary above ground so they can't get past us.", I said. "What about underground?", Chip said. "Well, there is an underground maze here, but no way out of the cemetary from under us.", I said as I tried to count the tunnel systems I could remember.