Mental Find-Yourself Rollercoaster


I don't like being called Lowey. But it's easier. Oh well. Suck it up. I felt like I was floating, but it's most likely I wasn't.
Shinchona sat down in midair. She was in her subconscious, for she had withdrawn much from the bacteria that came in from the bite. She closed her eyes.
"I wish there was someone here with me." She cried.

"This sucks. I'm alone. No one else is here. Is Seraphi ok? How about Pawa? Maka? Soul? Umbra? Luna? Kidd? Cece? Ivan? 'Deme'? Chip? Mira? Me? Am I ok? I looked at my hand. No bite on my arm. Just smooth skin.
She jumped from her seat and walked around, exploring her nothingness. She noticed that there was a dull sound coming from what seemed like outside.
"Is that Luna and Umbra's little voices I hear!" She spun around in happiness.

Luna! Umbra! They're here to help me! Yes! Then, I cage of bones popped up around me.
"Hey!" I grabbed a bar. I shook it with all my girlie strength. Skeletons appeared from shadows on the 'ground'.
"Uggh. What?" I said. I just wanted to get out of here and take a nap.
"We are the Asclides. We are here to bear you your gift, greater one." Said one of the skeleton kings. They bore mighty crowns and bejeweled garments upon there anorectic bodies.
"We bare you the gift of Manes Vita's Inferi." They brought out a small bell on a ribbon. Shinchona was awestruck. She did not resist the skeleton king putting the Inferi around her neck. When he was done, they whisked away into the shadows. She looked at the bell, and she ringed it.

It sounded nice, like a person who doesn't die all the time. Like a healthy person. Like they are screaming happily. All of the sudden, I woke up. Luna and Umbra were rapping my wound.
"I'm ok." I smiled at them. "Had any luck defeating the ghost-ghouls?"
"No. Seraphi has been helping a lot though. He has been having to kill a lot of them on his own." Luna looked over her shoulder. I stood up.
"Shades below!" I yelled. Then, many large bones impaled many ghostie-ghouls. Then I saw Seraphi go walk towards something.
"Seraphi!" I yelled at him. "No!"