Seraphi-More and More

I heard Lowey shout and turned to see a group of zombies coming at me. "Luna, you're the fastest! Go help Lowey!", I shouted and Luna nodded and ran back to the group. "Umbra, lets go!", I shouted as she transformed into a gauntlet. "Now then, how did it go...left, right, left?", I said to myself as I started moving my feet. "Yep, that's it. Glad I took those dancing lessons!", I laughed as a zombie charged me. I spun and nailed it in the side, and it flew into the side of a wall. Then came two more, and they wrapped around my arms. I pressed my palms against both. "SOUL PURGE: TWIN LASERS!", I shouted as the two zombies dissintegrated. I ran at at the last two and flipped onto their shoulders. I hooked my feet around their necks and spun. The zombies snapped in half and turned to dust as I landed on my feet. I wiped dead people dust off me and turned to go to the group. Just then, I heard a laugh and turned to see a shadowed figure in the distance. It was near my parents graves. "Umbra, go help Luna!", I said as I began walking. "But what if-", Umbra tried to say but I cut her off. "Just GO!", I shouted as Umbra turned back and ran toward the group.