Seraphi was obviously very, and I stress the word very, unhappy. We went in, taking small, careful steps. I stepped on a toadstool and it made a very unpleasant smelling gas spurt out.
"Ewwww... Its all over my shoe!" I moaned, just trying to add life into this sad graveyard. I know everyone is so sad because of multiple reasons, but that shouldn't control your whole emotions!
"Oh wow! Look at these little angels!" I squatted down to look at one better.
"They are given to dead people in memory." Kidd Death came and knelled down beside me.
"Echo-oh-oh-oh-oh......" Echoed Pawa's voice. It originated from... I think they are called mausoleums?
"Brae-brae-brae-brae....." Maka was in one of those, too. But it was a different one.
"Aaaaaiiiie!" Mira screamed. I did a 180 to see what the heck had she screamed about. There in front of her stood one menacing ghoul-ghost. I say ghoul-ghost because it looked like a zombie, but with the transparency of a ghost. Anyways, it tried to grab her, but luckily Chip was able to reach her and pull her out of the way. I felt something in my gut tell me that our weapons won't hurt them. All of the sudden, Maka and Soul came charging at another amazingly tall ghoul-ghost. When she tried to slash it, she just fell right through it.
"What the-?" Before she could finish, it slashed her in the back. Pawa was at my side.
"Do you think I may be of any assistance?" She asked, her hands behind her back.
"Lets see if we can hit them." She fell into me hands as a energy cannon that fires ultra-compressed soul wavelengths. When we first tried to fire, I got really hurt 'cause it zapped the life right out of me. Luckily, we were able to master it after several tries. When she was ready to fire, I aimed at the one farthest from me. Pawa has amazing accuracy- close or long range- and is well for a cannon-sniper (that sounds amazingly silly). Soon before impact, it made a hole for the laser to pass through.
"WHAT?! NO!" Pawa yelled. Pawa wiggled in my hands. "Behind you idiot!" A ghoul-ghost came, grabbed me, and bit me like I was a Lowey flavored piece of KFC.
"OMG! (I asked my mom what someones reaction verbally would be to getting bit would be. This is her funnest answer)" I yelled, then laughed. I just cracked myself up. The pain felt like some crackhead holding their match for their crack-stick on the wound. Instead of being a nice crescent, it was a half circle of, actually, circles. Like, imagine a half circle consisting of hollow, 1/2 a centimeter in diameter circle. I felt dizzy, but pressed on.
"Seraphi! Use the shocky-do-hicker... Defibrillator!" I yelled the best I could before getting major tunnel vision. "Clear!" I said. Instantly, I blacked out.
I hope nothing bad happens... Not to anyone. I thought.