Seraphi-Finally at the destination

I turned around to see a large gate leading into the cemetary. My eyes felt heavy as I walked up to the gate. "Son of a...why here?", I shouted as I opened it up. "So, are we going or not!?", I said as I stepped into the cemetary. The others looked at me. "What's with you?", Maka said. Umbra walked forward and coughed to get everyone's attention. "He's angry becaus ethis where he buried every dead body from his home, with his own two hands.", Umbra sighed and Luna tried to smile. "Heh...this is where he met us!", Luna chimmed. "Why were you two in a graveyard?", Cece asked. "What do you think, we were here to bury our family.", Umbra said. "Oh.", Pawa chimmed as the two ran in to catch up to me. "That was one screwed up witch, wasn't it.", Soul said as the group continued into the cemetary.