Sniff... Way to be Sad!


I felt my red hot tears well up in my eyes. It was so sad... I felt like rolling up into a ball and crying myself to sleep.
"Wow... I-I'm so sorry..." Pawa choked. She was pale, her iris' dark, indicating she was sad. I could hold my tears any longer.
"That's so sad!" I cried heavily into my hands. I could feel the pain subconsciously roll into my mind.
Pain. Hurt. Anger. Revenge. Sadness.
Those came into my mind without trying. I wiped the flow of tears from my flushed cheeks.
"Sniff I'm sorry you got hurt. Sob I'm so-sor-sorryyyy!" I cried hard into his shoulder. Pawa patted my back. I stood up, wiped Seraphi's wet shirt, and leaned, and occasionally sobbed, on Pawa. She sung a sweet song under her breath.
"Laaaaaaa lalalala lala hm-hm-hm~hm-hm la hm, laaaaaaa lalalala lala hm-hm-hm~hm-hm la na." She sung.
"Stop crying before I beat you to a fine crisp." Someone yelled into my ear. I stood up in shock to she little Umbra jump down.
"I'm sorry... It's just that... It must be hard." I tried to smile at Seraphi and the girls.
"I know... It's hard, but it can't be changed." He tried to smile. I could tell it hurt.
"SOMEONE NEEDS A HUG!!" I gave him a big hug.
"Hey! We're here!" Cece pointed to- oh gosh.