That is so sweet! How he is thinking of the girls like that! It gave me the fuzzies. Seeing him be so mature was nice. It reminded me of Erick and Stosh in the way they made me gifts for my birthday.
"Hmmmm... Things I wouldn't suggest are clothes, make-up, scented pencils, or big books. Unless they are into that stuff. I would suggest... Music, climbing gear, or fiction books. That is all the help I can really give you. Sorry." I rubbed my arm.
"Really climbing gear, water-proof flashlights, good boots, that kind of stuff." Pawa supported. He nodded.
"It's nice that you are doing that. They'll like whatever you get them." I took a withdrawing breath, and slowed my pace.
"What's up?" Pawa came to my side.
"Oh, just trying to imagine the witch." I looked over at Seraphi. "What happened? Not to hurt you, but give me the specifics."