Seraphi- On the road

I slipped over toward Pawa. "Um, okay what's going on?", I whispered as she laughed. "IDIOT!", Umbra shouted as she pulled my hair and I fell down. "I said to stop pulling my hair!", I shouted back as Luna laughed. "Do YOU really have NO idea what's going on?", Umbra continued to shout at me. "What?", I said as I got back up. Umbra starred at me. "Oh nothing.", she sighed as we continued walking. I walked over to Lowey while Luna and Umbra were with Pawa. "Hey, can I ask you something?", I said as we walked behind the others. "What?", she asked. "Well, what go girls usually like as presents?", I said rubbing the back back of my head. "Wha-Why are asking that?", she stuttered. Pawa looked over and Lowey was blushing a little. "Hm, see, Umbra and Luna's birthday is coming up soon, they be 10.", I said as Lowey stopped blushing. "Ohhh...wait, I thought they were 5 not 9?", she said. "Yeah, well...remember what I said about the witch who killed my family. As it turned out, the same witch charmed Luna and Umbra so that each birthday, they age by 5 years.", I said. "With all the changes to mind and body and all of that...I really don't want to look after two preteen girls...", I said with a heavy sigh. "So presents for two 10 year olds?', Lowey said as out of nowhere, Pawa appeared behind us. "What the-", I shouted startled. "Where are Luna and Umbra?", I Lowey said. "Up with Maka and Soul right now. Sooo, what are you two talking about?", Pawa laughed.