Mindless Chatter

(Don't really know what to write about, so I'll just leave the plan to Black Kiss)

I smiled (and possibly blushed ///).
"No problem. Just taking care of another academy student." I said.
"Just doing what I do!" Pawa laughed.
"What do you do?!" I looked at her a little funny.
"I do lots of things. Like how I found you with that weird Cashe. What a cougar..." Pawa laughed.
"He is not a cougar! He is a nice man!" I felt like smacking her. He was a nice man, and he was a nice talk. His purple hair was a grape juice stain in my mind...
"In Africa...(an old movie) " She coughed.
"Will you guys shut up! Ok! I guess the left hand!" Maka held her fist to her mouth.
"I think it was the left one." Chip whispered to his girlie.
"It was the left one." Kidd opened his hand to reveal a small red ball. I walked up to him.
"Open up your other hand..." Pawa asked. He did as such, but there was nothing in it. "Ok."
"May I try?" I asked him. He put his hands behind his back then brought it it the front. I concentrated hard.
"LEFT!" I pointed dramatically.
"Nice. You win." Kidd smiled. I looked back at Pawa and saw a very unpleasant sight. Cece was talking to Seraphi.
"If things get scary, will you protect me?" She said sweetly and reached for his hand. I walked through it.
"Oops. My bad." I said semi sarcastically.
"How rude." I heard Pawa say in the background. While Cece glared at me, I smiled pleasantly.
"Ladies, ladies. There is plenty of testosterone me to go around!" I heard Pawa say in a Seraphi-like voice. "WWE Fighting! In the I'm-right hand corner, we have the Lowey-Luck! In the what's-left hand corner is Be With Me Cece! Lowey-Luck is known for not going down easy, and is known to get on her feet fast! She is more lax with the boys, but lets go the Be With Me Cece!" She said in an announcer voice. She gave the invisible mic to Demetri.
"Be With Me Cece's tactics are more to be showy and pull in the line on the first bite. She makes'em work for their girl. But when they do get her, she is like a puppy and follows'em around everywhere. Back to you Pawa."
"Alright, with only minutes till the fight, let's hope they brake a leg out there, on the Fight For Seraphi II!" Pawa laughed. In order not to hit anyone, I fell back and shut up.
"Lets hope the travel is almost over..." I mumbled to myself.