Seraphi-Following the leader

We followed Cece away from the house. I sighed and pulled out some medicine and swollowed it as Umbra and Luna jumped on my back. "What was that?", Lowey said as I put the container in my pocket. "Eh, medication for my soul, or something like that.", I said. "What does that mean?", Pawa cut in. "Well, I'm able to use the soul purge like Stein, Maka and Soul know quite well what it is like. Anyway, I'm not as experienced as Stein is at it and I tend to overdo it a bit, so I hurt my soul wavelength. This medicine helps cure that.", I laughed as I sneezed. "So Cece, how far is this graveyard...actually, which graveyard is it?", I said as I counted out loud, the number of cemetaries I could think of. "Anyway, I'm just glad all of you showed up when you did!", I said. Suddenly, my hair was pulled hard by Luna and Umbra. "Ow, what is it?", I choked. "You should thank Lowey and Pawa, after all it was her idea to look for you!", Umbra said in monotone as she glared at me. "Eh, okay, okay. Just please let go of my hair!", I said as I turned to Lowey. "Thank you Lowey, you too Pawa!", I laughed.