Lead the Way Cece!


"What we do now is the real reason we came to get Seraphi and the others, to deal with the ghosties." Pawa stood herself up.
"Lets head out. Back to Cece, Ivan, them." We walked out of the creepy, impairing, and mostly old house.
"So are you ok?" I said as I wiped a spot or two of blood from this mouth with my jacket sleeve.
"Ya." He smiled. I was glad to see that he and Umbra were ok. My dramatic think made me believe that something terrible had happened to them.
"Pawa, how did you know where they were?" Kidd asked.
"You see, I was out doing some field work for McNamara in Hidden Valley about some guy when I escaped and saw them with a lost feel about them. With this feel about them, so I followed them." Pawa made lots of hand jesters.
"So you followed them?" Maka shortened her story.
"Pretty much." She chuckled. After a while of walking, we made it to Cece, Ivan, Demetri, but also Chip and Mira.
"Hey." Ivan waved.
"Sup." Chip added.
"Well Cece," I walked over to her and patted her on the back. "You're leading us."