Seraphi-Umbra's Anger

I guess wandering into a collapsed house after taking a wrong turn was not a good idea. Now, I'm charging at Lowey and the others and Umbra is knocked out cold. "Seraphi stop!", Lowey shouted as she rolled away from my attack. Suddenly, Pawa kicked and nailed me in the face. I tumbled back. "Get up and fight!", the hag shouted as I rolled onto my feet. Maka and Death got into stance to fight. I stood there and yawned. "Soul Purge!", I shouted as I pressed my wavelength into my chest. The hag screamed and fell down as I coughed up blood. "Seraphi!", everyone shouted as I smiled at everyone. "Hey now, do you really think I'm stupid enough to have some old nutcase control me?", I laughed. "Glad you're alright, but now we need to deal with her!", Maka shouted as her and Soul walked toward the old lady. I put my arm in front of her. "No need, watch.", I said with a grin as Umbra slowly stood up. "Eh, Seraphi...what is with Umbra, is she angry, cause I've seen her when she kicked you in the face that one time.", Lowey said. "Hm? Haha, no you haven't...that was her playing around!", I laughed. "When she is angry, Umbra IS the scariest person you may ever see!", I said as Umbra glared at the hag. "Here we go!", I said as Umbra walked toward her. "Hey now, stay back...attack them!", she shouted as Umbra grabbed her arm and pulled it behind the the old lady's back. "How dare you lay your filthy hands on my sister. You have crossed a line from which you can never go back to you filth...", Umbra scold as she pulled on the arm more. The old lady screamed as Umbra continued to pull her arm. "Eh, Seraphi...shouldn't we stop her?", Lowey said. "Please, stop!", the lady shouted as Unbra got on her back. A almost never seen, yet really disturbing grin spread across Umbra's face as she began to pull at her hair. "OW!", the old lady shouted. Umbra slammed her head into the old lady's, sending her flying across the floor. She then began to deliver a series of punched to her. "You really are an evil child aren't you!", the lady screamed. You could almost see the viens in Umbra head she was so angry. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY YOU OLD PRUNE!", Umbra shouted as she drove her fist into the lady's face. "FALCON PUNCH!!!", I shouted as the lady went spiraling across the room. Lowey and Pawa looked at me strangely. "Eh sorry, Stein let me borrow a video game...and well, hehe, I got into it a bit.", I chuckled as Umbra dusted herself off and took a deep breath. "Alright, now what?", she said in her usual monotone voice.