To the Rescue!


I ran to the store to get some well needed supplise, which was a flashlight, band-aids, ect. I walked out of the store and put my supplise on in a way that I would be able to access it. I held my flishlight the weapon way (were the hand is more towards the end, like a cop) and walked around. I knew that he woldn't get lost in any public area. But where?
"But where?!" I thought out loud. I need help, I thought. And I know the perfect person, too. I went back to Maka's house.
"Whats wrong? Is everyone alright?" She said as the door opened.
"Lots of things (*cough*thereisnoEmil*cough*), but what I really need is some help."
"With what?"
"Seraphi is missing. Help me find him please." She smiled at me.
"OK. Lets go." She grabbed some things and headed out.
"Where could he be? Have you checked Steins yet?" She looked up at the noon sky.
"Ya. He didn't return home." I looked up and saw the spiky pins of the academy inject themselfs into the sky.
"I got it! We'll se if anyone has seen him!" I said, then dashed off.
"How rude." I heard her say. We came to the steps and I waited for Maka. After she came, we went inside. We asked everyone. Teachers. Students. We sat down at the libary and thought.
"Aren't you Lowey?" Said a slightly fimmaliar voice. It was Death the Kidd!
"Yes. What do you need?" I put my hands down in the middle of my folded hands.
"I have heard that you are looking for Seraphi. I wish to assist you on this quest." He put this hands into his pockets.
"No." I said, straight into his eyes. "I don't like gay side characters."
"What?! But why not?!" His face was stunned.
"Ya? Why not?" Maka insurted.
"Well... Ok. Just don't do come out of pools, talk about adult stuff, or chase after me. Those are the rules. If you don't like them, then leave." I stood up.
"Well, if that is the case, then I will still come with you." He looked at Maka.
"Lets head out. An easy place to get lost is the older houses. Most of them are abbandoned or condemmed." Death walked out and we followed. Maka, D.K., and I walked numerous blocks until we got to some nasty, after-the-hurricane houses.
"East." Death provided.
"North." I suggested.
"South." Maka inturupted.
"Then it's west we go." I leaded.
"Right." Maka and D.K. replied. We walked the crummbling streets, oftenly searching broken-down houses. I leaned into a whole. I was deep and like and abbyss. I leaned in closer. Closer. I started to fall in, but someones hands caught me around my waist. It kind of hurt, but I was safe.
"Oof. Hold on." It. Was. Kidd. He hefted me out of there then helped me onto my feet.
"Are you ok?" He asked.
"I'm fine. Just please don't touch me."
"Because you are... Um... 'icky'." I made the '' with my fingers. He rolled his eyes.
"I guess I'll just let you fall next time."
"No! Not like that. Its just not there that hurt." I rubbed my side. He left the house.
When we were comeing out of a house, I heard a young girls scream.
"That's Luna." I got up and ran towards the scream. I'm coming. Hold on. I turned the corner tightly enough to see Luna being dragged by a gnarley hand. I grabbed her foot and pulled on my heels. I heard more footsteps come this way.
"Help me!" I asked, trying not to yell. Te all pulled an unison and freed her.
"Are you ok?" Maka asked little Luna, who seemed close to tears.
"Y-ya. J-just sc-scared." She stuttered. Maka hugged her.
"What happened to the others?" I got down on my knees.
"Something took them when we were trying to get out of here."
"Ok. We are going to get them out of there." Kidd said.
"One of you guys stay with her and the rest come with me." I stood up and dusted off my knees.
"I'll stay." Maka picked up Luna and headed out. I nodded to Kidd and we went inside the place where the hand retreated. It was dark, damp, and musky. We went down some stairs to a door that glowed red. It had a picture of a woman holding a child, and numerous people at her feet. He tried to look for a knoob, or some way to open it, but no to no restult.
"I got it!" I steppped forward. I mummbled some stuff about the Night Mother, Sithis, and some other dark, dark things. The door rummbled, then slid open.
"What the..?" Kidd stood there and looked at me dumbfoundedly.
"I wouldn't expect you to understand. Lets head in." There was a blue light in the other room. As we walked in, the room went dark. We were knocked out by a smokey gas. When we awoke, Umbra was passed out, Seraphi had a crazed look in his eyes, and there was an old lady in the back of the room.
"Fight my mind slave. Fight these intruders." She pointed to me. Seraphi came unmindely charging at me.