Cashe and I


I stayed in the treetops, watching her. Making sure she stays safe.
"I don't know." He says. So innocent my, ahem, bottom! He got her up and headed her home.
They were home, happy and merry. I could tell at any moment he would do one of the following to limit evidence:
1.Slit the neck, toss knife, and flee
2.Ducktape the mouth, cut wrists, stab/shank stomach, and flee
3.Eh... I'd much rather say not...
This crap is getting me mad. I jumped down in front of them.
"Lowey, what are you doing with this stranger! Get home now!" I put out my hand in a way that said 'you ain't going any further, so just come with me'.
"Oh, you must be Lowey's boyfriend." Mr. Edward said. That got me mad. I am a chick! Curse my flat-chestedness!
"What did you say?! I am a girl!" I yelled. Lowey laughed.
"Pawa, you really need to put your hair down more instead of spiky all the time!" Lowey laughed. I put my head down.
"Oh! So you are the girl named Pawa! Well, sorry about that young miss. My name is-"
"I know who you are," I interrupted. "I just want you gone."
"Ha ha ha. Protective of her, aren't we?" He smiled.
"Well... Goodnight Mr. Edward." Lowey waved goodnight, then came along with me.
"A-are you made at me?" She said. I laughed.
"Not at a girl who calls a Yao Guai a Yaoi Guy." I laughed.
"Lets go home as fast as possible... There lots I have to do tomorrow." We walked home humming "the Last Unicorn".