It was around 3ish at night and I can't sleep! I walked to the nearest bench to warm up my feet, for I was too drowsy to put some on. The light from the nearest lamp flickered. It was eerie, and it made a chill run through me.
"Miss? Are you cold? Do you need my jacket?" Said a man who must of just sat next to me.
"No thank you sir." I said.
"What is a lass like you doing out this night?"
"Oh, I cannot sleep. Lots on my mind." Why am I talking to him? Don't parents say not to talk to strangers?!
"Oh so I see. Much happened today, hm?" He asked.
"Very, very much. I forgot to introduce myself, I am Shinchona Monsuta, but most people call me Lowey." I put my hand out to be shook by his.
"My name is Cashe (not 'Cash', Cah/she!), Cashe Edwards. That is a lovely name, but why do you prefer to be called Lowey?" I stare blankly at him. I can't think of the reason.
"Because people kept mispronouncing my name. It made my very annoyed, so Pawa, my friend, started to call me that." I yawned. "How come you have such a different first name and such a normal last name?" He looked at me with wide eyes, then smiled.
"I don't know why, actually." He smiled. The way he looks is weird. His dark purple hair, green eyes, and tall, thick build made him look, well, like a Cashe. But the last name, Edwards, is so weird.
"Why don't you head home?" He helped me up and I said good-bye.