Seraphi-Back to th lab

I walked down the street toward the lab. "Stein said something about talking with me...what a drag.", I sighed as I piggybacked both girls. "You've got to stop eavesdropping...", I said to Luna and Umbra as I got to the lab door. "Aw, but it was fun!", Luna chimmed. I walked into the lab and Stein turned. "So?", he said as he lit another cigarette. "It was fine, a lot of people.", I said as I took off the jacket. "I'm going to run some field tests.", I said as I pulled some large books and a map out of the shelf. "Luna, Umbra...lets sit at the table.", I said as I pulled some seats up. I spread the map and opened up my laptop. "Now running tests...City missions...test fight start.", I said as I looked at the map to see it turn into a hologram of a city. Stein was checking his watch a lot. "You expecting someone?", I said without turning to look at him. "Hm...why do you want to know?", he asked me. "I hate it when you answer a question with a question.", I mumbled as I typed on the computer. "Well whatever...if we have a guest, I'll make some tea or something.", I sighed as I walked into the kitchen.