After That


The party ended and from what the mass said, the party was fun. We said good-byes and stayed to clean up.
"Ugghhhh! Why can't we do this tomorrow!" Pawa whined.
"Let's just get this done now." I said. We picked up what trash was left, cleaned any spilled drinks, and took down decorations.
"Soooo.... How was kissing Seraphi?" She asked, in a slight joking tone.
"Why in the first place do you know about that?" I looked at her. What a creep. Was she with the girls when they were watching us? Nah, she walked in after we kissed.
"The girls have mouths. They spill things. They tell me stuff, we're like a family. I feel close to them." She picked up some streamer, wadded it, then made a shot. She got it in.
"Ugh. Ok, I guess. It was just a kiss. I little one." I felt myself get red.
"Ok? Ok?! Just a kiss?! No! That was a kiss! It had to be something more! Has to be..." She yawned.
"You're making a big deal out of it. You want to know about it? Ask him!" I joked.
I washed the tiredness of with a scalding shower, and lay myself down in my bed. That was quite a night. Almost dieing, being rescued, and getting to kiss the person I love the most. I sighed and rolled over. Something jabbed me in my pocket.
"3 o'clock at the lab." I whispered aloud. That's right. I have to do that thing with Stein. I'm a little nervous. I doubt my idea. I don't thing it is possible. Not unless you use some sort of, I don't know, I forgot the word.
"Q...uart.... Umm... Nah nah nah....Mmmm." She mumbled in her sleep. I tried to sleep, but couldn't. I put on a coat and stepped outside.
"A walk shall be nice." I whispered.