And Let Us Continue Please


This surprised me. I should of really seen it coming; I mean they did it last time. Last time I had to stitch up Seraphi's arm. I stood there next to Seraphi, Pawa stood looking at us, and Luna and Umbra were being sneaks.
"He heh.... The whole thing huh..?" I stuttered. Luna and Umbra nodded.
"I feel that we should be going." Pawa took the girls and gladly left us to be.
"Well, they sure keep a good eye on you." I said as I squeezed Seraphi's open hand.
"Lets go dance." He smiled. We waltzed out onto the dance floor. The song was sweet and slow. They lights were dim and moody. We started to dance. My hands on his shoulders and his hands around my hips (did I get that right?), they dance seemed endless.
"This is nice... I wish this could go on forever..." I sighed and layed my head on his shoulder. In the background I could see Pawa, Luna, and Umbra giving me thumbs-ups.