"I can?" i said. WHy did i say that? I guess i wanted to have some fun or get this annoying feeling out of my gut. "I have a girlfriend." was what Chip whispered in my ear. I punched him after that and i felt guilty so i ran. I didn't like him anyway. Like i could say that with a straight face.
Demetri shuffled behind me and Ivan punched him in the arm then dragged him away. "Okay thanks." He grinned.
I thought of a place we could go to practice. "How bout Mrs.Marie's classroom? She's out at lunch with Stein. How bout that?"
Ivan walked up. "you can use my boombox."
I looked at him strangely. "Thanks. Hey wheres Demetri?" He pointed to the lunchtable and Demetri had ducktape over his mouth and his hands were tied behind his back. He was struggling and looking at us. He was trying to say something and was moving so much he fell off the bench. He got quiet then said something that sounded like "Gurgleflax"
"I think that meant no." Ivan said. "Catch you later."
I turned back to Seraphi. "When you wanna practice?"
"How bout tomorrow after school?"
"Sounds great. Now im going to go untie Demetri. See ya." I ran off, curls boucing against my back.

Have to wonder what Demetri and Ivan do without me.