"I'll go I guess.", I said as I leaned in the chair. "But first, who here knows how to dance...cause I don't have a clue.", I said as everyone stared at me. "Stein never taught you?", Lowey said. "Of coarse not, the only time I really see him is in his chair.", I said. "How about Umbra and Luna?", Pawa said. "These two find it funny so they won't teach me...", I said as the two of them laughed. "Um, what is this about Seraphi and Stein?", Cece asked as I looked at her. "Stein took Seraphi in when he was young, before then, he slept in the streets.", Lowey said as I nodded in agreement. "Still do.", I chimmed in. "So, is anyone willing to teach me?", I said.