Everyone Disunited


I finished they book, and found how worthless it was since I knew 99% of everything in that book. I got up and looked for Pawa. She wasn't in the place she was in last. Instead, there was a red hot Cece, two cracking up boys, and two twin girls splitting some lunch. It felt empty, even though there was half of our group here. This ticked me off. We are family! We should be all together! That thought gave me the best idea ever.
"That's it! We are going to do something together! And that something is throwing a dance!" I yelled. "We are going to have a dance and be united as one big group of friends." A sea of surprised expressions gazed upon me.
"Well? How about it? I'll do all the set up and stuff!" I said.
"I want to come! I'll make Seraphi and Umbra come too!" Luna said happily.
"I'll come too." Umbra said in her one tone voice.
"That sounds like fun! Sure, we will come." Cece said as she turned and glared at the boys, still laughing at Cece. I looked around.
"Where is Chip?" I asked. That made the boys laugh harder, and Cece's face redder. Seraphi came in and sat down next to Umbra and Luna.
"Come dance with us!" Luna begged as she pulled on his shirt.
"Oh, Ok." He replied. Pawa also came in, and with two Cokes in her hand. I walked over to her.
"Hey, I'm hav-" But she interrupted.
"I heard. Not like I have any other choice. The Coke one the left is yours. You owe me though." She replied. A new pair of footsteps entered the room. Heads turned forward as Chip entered. He came in casual as ever. He walked over to Cece and whispered something. I got curious, so I peeked into his head.
Have a girlfriend.
That was thing that popped up. Oh snap!