Cece~You just got REGECTED~

He was there and then he wasn't. We were walking and i was smiling at him. I touched his shoulder. Then i felt a gust of wind and he was gone.
I blinked twice. Demetri and Ivan came up and were cracking up. "Y-you should have seen your face. HAHAHA." Ivan fell on the floor and started cracking up even harder. "Y-you just got REGECTED!"
"N-no! He just forgot his lunch."
Ivan got up. "Oh yeah. Chip went back to get his lunch which he was carrying in his left hand, yeah. That explains it."
My face got red. We went and sat down by a table. Ivan dug into his lunchbag and started eating. Demetri sat on the other end of me and started eating too. I didn't have much of an appitite. "Why though." i frowned. "He didn't even say anything to me."
"You sound like your about to cry. Are you going to eat that?"
"Go ahead and i don't cry. I scream but i don't cry...or sweat."
"Yippee. Lucky you." Demetri said in a dull voice.

I sat there feeling lonely for myself. Why wouldn't that darn Chip like me? He left me standing like a fool twice. If he does that again im going to punch him in the face!