Uggg! Why did he have to be so awesome! I waved and smiled to Pawa and the lil girls then turned back and let out a grunt. "You could always look for someone else." Demetri smiled.
"Like who." I hissed back. "You?" Me and Ivan burst out laughing. Deme glared at his brother. Another bonding moment.
I got serious again. "He just got up and left without saying a word~" i complained. "But if he wants to play. Ill play." ANd without i smoothed out my curls. Let them hang over my shoulder and i batted my eyelashes then walked up cooly to...whatever his name was.
"Hi." I said. "My names Cece." Deme and Ivan were sitting on the bench watching us Deme looking like he had a rocket in his pants.
"Chip." Was all he said.
"want to get lunch." I held up my lunch bag and smiled.

He didn't really have a choice but i asked him anyways. Thats when i relized someone else was by him