I looked at Lowey as I thought about her request. "Um, guess so..but...", I stopped as I saw that Lowey wanted to say something. "Whats wrong, is it not possible to help?", she said. "Well no, I can...but, well, how do you plan to use Pawa for hand to hand combat, she's a rocket launcher?", I said as I thought through some odd scenarios. "And besides, why me...", I continued. "Well, I just thought that it would be a good idea since you use hand to hand weapons.", Lowey replied. "True, but granted it's nothing special, seeing as how I'm a street rat basically...Sure, I guess I could help.", I said as I patted Lowey on the shoulders. "Really!?", Lowey shouted. "Why are you so suprised?", I asked. "I did't think asking up front would work.", she said. I stared at her. "Usually does...", I finished as we walked down the hall.