Chip- These People. There is too Many of Them

This girl came over along with her partners (Or they could of been brothers, or boyfriends, or.... Ha, never mind), and planted herself down next to me. Her partners came and sat down next to- eh, actually, I don't give a solo. Pawa looked over at them, and smiled. "Hey Cece. Ivan. Demritus, right?" She said, obviously joking. The guys turned and replied with a "hello". The other girl, Cece, kept her eyes on me. This is so weird, like, no joke. It is like she is trying to see the soda machine behind me. Her ruby red eyes kept steady to mine. God, is today 'Be Kind to the Person who Would Most Likely Be Unkind to You' day? If it were any other person, they would of moved away. Cece played with her hair they way girls play with hair. "I'm going to get, something." I said as I steadily got up. I heard Pawa snort. Ok, at least I'm not going alone on this.