When i woke up in the morning, Demetri and Ivan were still snoring loudly. I ate a muffin then got a bullhorn out of my pack. (I always carry one of these) then yelled into it "IVAN! DEMETRI! WAKE UP YOU SNORING DOGS!!!"
Somebody banged on the floor above us and yelled "Hey keep it down down there! People are trying to sleep!"
"SORRY!" i yelled back into the bullhorn.
"Uug...Demetri and Ivan rolled over. "Don't make me pull out the water bucket."
"I don't care." Ivan mumbled.

A few minutes later, Ivan was soaking wait and Demetri was commenting how nice my hair was.
We went down to the Smoothie Groovie booth and waited. I looked at my death watch. 7:58, 7:59.
"Sup. Hit me with a blueberry blend." a random dude in his 30's came up and clunked down some cash.
Hello? Are you the owner of the coffee shop at Death city?"
"Oh we came all the way here for him!" Ivan said drastically. "I could have been dreaming about the girls back at Death Acadamy!"
"Well wake up and smell the roses."
"Okay~ and he pretended he was smelling something wonderful then wrinkled his nose. "Roses smell nasty."
I hit him playfully on the shoulder and Demetri gave him a glare. I turned my attention back to the puzzeled coffee shop owner. "Can you please cut your vacation. Lots of teachers need you. Your like there idol." i said
"No can do. I love it here. Expecially this blueberry blend!" and drank it with obvious pleasure. Time to use the charm. "Please mister." i batted my eyelashes. "I've been dying of your famous coffee blend. I even dream about you making your coffee. How many pretty's do i have to put before please?"
He looked speechless. "Arn't you just adorable! Im sorry but as much as i love those curls and eyelashes i love blueberrys and shakes more." Time to get out the big guns. My cute face was wiped clean and was replaced with a glare. Ivan and Demetri smiled viciously. They knew things were about to get dirty. "Fine. So be it. If you don't want to come well i don't care. But your coming all right."
"Huh?" He looked like i just told him to jump off a cliff.
"Weapon form please."
"Oh yeah!"
"Batter him up baby."

A few minutes later he was tied to the top of the ferry and i was back in buisness. "I need to practice with you guys."
"And i set to work on the top of the ferry with my knives, frighting the coffee shop owner but i didn't care. Thats what happenes to people who deny me.

Me, Deme and Ivan got our lunches and looked around where to sit. There was some peeps talking, some people laughing and others crying...i looked at them and there were two little kids. They looked like sisters but...not. One was completely dark and the other was light. Clothing wise and stuff. There was someone comforting the white one and another...whoa holly momma. There was a guy with white hair and piercing red eyes. I didn't get farther than that.
I dropped my lunch and looked there. OMG WAS HE AWESOME!
Deme handed me my lunch again and i twisted my hair with my fingers then stalked over there.
"Hey." i said sweetly.
The girl comforting the white one looked at me and then the drop dead gorgeous one looked at me.

Im starting to LOVE Death Acadamy