Chip- New People. Ugh

I got my lunch and all the tables were full, like to the max. There were people even sitting on the floor. I saw no one that I knew, well heck, I don't even know anyone. "Oh great. Well, this is just fantastic." I muttered as I looked around. There was one open spot near these girls. The older one was playing with two younger girls. I walked over, and simply sat down. "Do I know you?" The chick asked. "Nah." I said. I took a large swig of water and chowed down on my sandwich. "Well, My name is Pawa. Pawaranchi Teso. Yours?" She smiled, yet she didn't move away from me. This surprised me, for most people move away from me, but hey, I should be glad that she hasn't thought me as one of America's Most Wanted. "My name is Chip Fox. Who are these?" I said as I pointed to the twins. "The darker haired one is Umbra, and the white haired one is Luna." I looked over at Umbra as she was talking to Luna, and Luna was tearing up. She ran over to Pawa. "Umbra is being mean!" She said, quite close to breaking down. She reached over and gave the little girl a hug. Thats... Huh.