"W-well, I" Seraphi stuttered. Some talking unsettled me, yet I tried to stay asleep, but everyone talking made it hard.
"I knew it...", Umbra said in a rather creepy voice indeed. I turned and was about to say something, but a hand was put over my mouth, along with my nose. I couldn't breath, so I woke up. I fell backwards off the bench with a loud gasp for air.
"A little help?" I asked into the crowd. Maka put her hand out and I gladly pulled back onto my feet. I looked around and saw Seraphi. He seemed almost a little nervous. I could of picked through his brain, but decided that would be breaking an amendment. I looked over to Pawa and whispered: What happened? Before she answered, I remembered something very important, but I'll do it later. The bell for class rang, so we scattered.
Lunch! I love lunch, because its like 49 hours long! I sat down and started to chow down on some grub, and Pawa began to sit down next to me.
"Sit there-I sue." I said, firm and controlling. We both laughed. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Seraphi.
"Um, I'll be right back." I said keeping my eye on him. I walked up to him, and just said: "We need to talk."
~Walking down a empty hall~
"So... What did you need to talk about?" He said calm and relaxed. You know, I find unbelievable that he sometimes lives on the street.
"Before I ask you, I need you to check to see that Umbra hasn't bugged you or you clothes." We stopped in front of the men's restroom. I pointed to it.
"Be through." I asked as he walked in. I asked him to do that for good reasons. This isn't personal- Its just that I don't want anyone to use what I am going to say against me. That's all. Seraphi walked out.
"Didn't find anything. Hey, why did you want me to do that?"
"N-no reason." I stuttered as I smiled. We continued to walk forward.
"Alright. I need to ask you something very serious." I said as I stopped in front of him.
"You see, the very first mission I did, I wasn't able to defend myself. I know I am a girl, but I still should be able to do these things! It gets me so mad. I'm just asking you if you could, well, train me or teach me some hand to hand stuff. I mean, you must be skilled at it with Luna and Umbra for weapons. So, will you help a friend out? Pl-ease?" I said and looked up at him.