Cece~Those weapons r going to KILL ME!!!

I dragged myself onto the beach and lied there untill Deme and Ivan walked up and nudged my hair with there boots. "Hey! I use a lot of conditioner in that!"
"How was the nice boat ride?"
"I fell off thanks to somebody." They laughed and helped me up.
"Sorry bout that." Demetri said with a smile. Then Ivan chipped in. "But the ferryman was in a grumpy mood. We didn't want to desturb him." he said sarcastically.
I glared at them and walked right passed them, my curled ends of my pigtales twisting around them before releasing.
"Cold." i heard Demetri say.
I continued walking untill we got to a fruit stand and asked if they knew anything about a coffee owner on vacation. "Oh yeah. He comes here every day. Guess a little smoothie can beat a bitter coffee anyday, you know what i mean. Want me to serve you up?"
"Its all right." Demetri quickly chimed in. Ivan put his hand down slowly after raising it. "I kinda would have liked one." he mumbled. I ignored him.
"When does he usually come by?"
"Morning usually. Around 8:00."
"We have to wake up that early!" Demetri and Ivan chourused.
"No its all right. Ill just come up here myself, take the ferry back to the acadamy and leave you guys here where you can stay on a eternal vacation. You like that?" I said sarcastically.
"Yeah!~" They slapped high-fives.
"No! Dumbo's." I punched demetri in the shoulder.
"Hey! He said it." Deme pointed at Ivan and made a face at him.

"Guess we wait i said." We got a suite at a classy hotel. We got one suite but big enough that all we had to do was split the suite into three rooms.

Deme got the one to the left and Ivan was to the right and i was smack in the middle. In the middle of the night Ivan and Demetri sneaked up and i guess they thought i was asleep because they highered a bottle of sharving cream and was about to spray it on my when i grabbed the bottle and flung Ivan across the bed. "Nice try."

When they went asleep i gave them a nice~ mustachio.