Sleep Hypnosis

I walked in to the classroom, and saw Maka standing near Pawa and Lowey. "Whats up?", I asked Maka as I noticed Lowey asleep and Pawa trying not to fall asleep. Suddenly, Umbra leapt up on the table and began to speak with the sleeping Lowey. "Whats your nickname...", she said. "Lowey...", Lowey responded. "Whats she doing?", Maka asked. "It is kind of like hypnotism, except that the target is asleep so she can retrieve secret information.", I replied. "Its just something she does...", I finished. We sat there watching Umbra mess with Lowey until it happened. "Do you have a crush, and who is it?", Umbra asked. "Wow now Umbra, that's a little too personal a secret.", I said as I grabbed her and moved her away so she couldn't ask anymore questions. "But I already asked it, so she will answer it...", Umbra sighed. "You know that is going to far.", I said. "I know you want to know too...", Umbra said as I stumbled back. "W-well, I", I stuttered. "I knew it...", Umbra said with her usual creepy tone. I turned to Lowey who was still asleep, but Umbra hit the nail on the head with this oe, I really did kinda what to know...she is WAY to resourceful for my own good.