Cece~NOT a good start out

"Okay, okay. I know we're doing a mission for those who dont have a miester or weapon but im still not the best at wielding you guys. You have a mind of your own. And you slip out of my hands sometimes." I said quietly to my partners.
"Sorry~ for trying to get a little action in our lives!" Demetri said drastically.
"And anyway, your hands get all sweaty when you go up against a kieshin."
My face got red. "Hey! I bet your hands would too!"
"Where are we going anyway?" Ivan asked.
"To find the coffee shop owner. Duh."
"Duh~" Ivan copied. I would have punched him but i bumped into a wall. They started laughing. Such children. Though i guess im not one to talk either. Im only 16 years old.

We got on the boat and i was standing on the rail of the boat concentrating on my balance. It felt so good feeling the wind whip through my hair. "BOO!!!" Ivan and Demetri screamed at me.
"ahhh!" I fell into the water. The boat kept going..."Hey! What about me!!!" It kept going. "Guess ill swim.." i said grumpily. "Weapons don't ditch their miesters!" i yelled.
They just waved.

Im going to kill them.