"Hey Stein, what was that all about?", I said as I walked over to the kitchen. "Hm, nothing.", he said as he continued to read his book. I opened to fridge to find that we had no milk or meat left. "Hey Stein, I need some money for groceries!", I shouted as I headed out the door and he threw a large clump of money in my hands. Luna and Umbra leapt on my back and we walked off towards the market. "So, where are we going?", Umbra said as she looked at all the shops. "To the market.", I said. "There's a nice one in the Civic District.", Luna chimmed as I laughed. "You just like the deserts there!", I said.

When we got there, the streets were filled quite a bit. As we walked down the street and throught the crowd, we found the store. "Alright, milk and meat", I mumbled. "And cake!", Luna cheerfully said as she tugged on my hair. "Alright, cake too!", I said. We payed for the items and left the store, and decided to walk through the park. "Who is that?", Umbra said as a bunch of figures appeared in the distance. As we got closer, we met up with Lowey and Pawa, as well as three others we didn't know. "Hey, what are you doing here...and who are they?", I asked them as I looked over to see a girl and two guys. Yep, I had never seen these three before...or at least I'm sure I haven't.