Wow! They Are SO Cute!


"So, we have our date, then?" I said as looked at the piece of paper that supposedly had a date on it (Adult cursive is hard to read).
"Indeed. We well met then." Stein smiled as he waved goodbye. I unlocked the door and opened it. Seraphi fell inside and scrambled inside.
"God, I never knew the pan flute could be a torture device!" He said as he stood up. I looked over at Pawa who was cracking herself up.
"Get better man." I said as walked out. I looked over at Pawa who still couldn't stop laughing.
"I think I am going to take up banjo playing." She said with a straight face.
"Oh god. How bad did you 'stall him'?" I sighed as I put my elbow on her shoulder.
"Hey, maybe they can help us Ivan!" Said a voice. I looked over at from where the sound seemed to come from. HOLY COW! I saw this girl with these boys, and I thought: Holy cow?! Are they super-duper models?!. The girl walked up to Pawa.
"Hi whats your name?" She asked with a sweet, light, 'duh its a girl' voice.
"Give me yours and I'll give you mine." She said in a stiff voice.
"That sounds a little arrogant, don't you think?" I whispered to her. We chuckled.
"My name? My name is Cecilia," She smiled. "This is Ivan," She pointed to red head. "and this is Demetri." She pointed to old haired.
"Hey. My name is Shinchona, buy call me Lowey. This is Pawaranchi, or Pawa." I put my hand on her head. I put my hand out to shake the boys hands, only to find it unreturned.
"So... What do you need?" I asked.
"We need to find where the civil district. Where would that be?" Demetri asked, cool and full of boredom.
"Dat way." Pawa pointed northwest.
"OK. Bye!" Cecilia said as walked away. Then I realized, its over 6ish. Oh god! DAD!