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Name: Cecilia
Nickname: Cece (Most call her Cece)


weapon or meister: Meister

appearance:White blouse covers a black dress with white and black tights. Black boots and very light pink hair in pig tales make her red eyes stand out.

height: 5'4

background: Lived in a friendly cottage with her mother and father up to the age of seven then her mother died of old age and her dad mysteriously disappeared on his way to buy milk, eggs and poptarts

other(unusual ability): Can sense aura's and see their true colors.

Name(s): Demetri and Ivan
Nickname: Metri

gender: Male

weapon or meister(pick one): Weapons (Daggers)

(Ivan)-A deep purple shirt with a red jacket over with Red gloves. Wild orange hair match his spunky, sarcastic attidude.
(Demetri)-Another cool dude with a similar shirt to his twin brother Ivan and green pants. Natrual gray hair is one of the many diffrences between his brother but both have wild hair. Has gray gloves

height: 5'7

background: Grew up on the streets raising money by street dancing

other: They flirt with Cecilia