cooking duty


"Come on Soul!I saw Pawa and Lowey go in there!"I said exitedly
"No. Cool guys don't go in Kareoke joints,Maka."Soul said walking ahead
"Yeah? well cool guys don't ditch their partners."I walked in, just in time to one I knew."But they were just there!"I stammered
"sure they were, you just want to get away from cooking duty."Soul smirked. Crap I forgot and its to late to buy anything.
"I guess it's charred fish tonight!" I ran ahead hearing Soul yell at me.

I got home and asked Blair to help me fry the rest of the leftover fish she had lying around.By the time Soul got back I had a plate of fish waiting.
"you hungry?"I asked
"all because of you" he replied
"sorry. But you need to get your energy, we're going to fight some crime tomarrow!"I chimed
"Hey...I think this is a present from your creepy dad."Soul moaned
"If it's more creepy underware I wont have a problem marching over to the academy so you can kill him.he continued, I opened the box...and found a book?
"Watching the Stars...Maybe Ill give it a shot."I said reading the first page.
"Bookworm"was the last thing I heard as I went into my room and started reading.

If its even the slightest bit creepy Im going to put an restraining order on him.