Hey Stein

Ugh... I need to read all the lines


"Yo. Hey, someone wanted to see you outside." I lied, quite smoothly too. I looked over my shoulder to see that he was outside. I locked the door behind him.
"You locked the door?" Stein said. He leaned against his chair and put full focus on me.
"Yes. I wanted to ask you something." I said as I leaned against a wall, kind of beat from singing.
"Well speak up. I'm all ears." He smiled.
"Do you think," I looked down at my shoes. "That is it possible for weapons to soul resonate with other weapons, and the same for meisters?" I asked. He chuckled. He examined his shoes, tilting them and rotating them.
"My, curious aren't we? Actually, that has never been heard of, and never been attempted be for. Do you want to try it out and test it?" He said calmly. I heard banging on the door.


Seraphi stepped outside.
"Did you want to see me?" He asked as he looked around. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pan flute. I pointed to the sky.
"Prepare to be amazed! Plan 'Stall Seraphi' is in effect!" I yelled. I blew into the flute doing random notes. He just stared at me with an open mouth.
"You see I'm here!" I sang to a blues tune.
"To stall you good. And with this time, Lowey should, be able to ask her question! Ya ya! Uh-uh ya ya!" I sang. Cheers to on-the-spot-lyrics! I did a little dance. Still open mouthed, he tried to speak. Nothing came out.
"I you can't find the right words to describe my awesomeness, so I'll sing them for you. I pulled my pan flute up to my lips. He was pounding at the door and yelling: "Let me in!". What? He doesn't like my music?