Maka and Soul

Name:Maka Albarn
weapon or meister(pick one):meister
appearance:a white blouse with a yellow sweater vest, a red plaid skirt,a long black coat, and black boots with white buckles. When using Soul, she usually wears white gloves. Her hair is ash blonde and almost always in pigtails.She has green eyes.
background:Her mother, Kami, was an esteemed Scythe Meister, and her father was Spirit, Kami's Weapon partner who became a Death Scythe under Kami's hand. Maka was inspired from a very young age to become a student of Shibusen.Her parents got divorced after spirit was caught cheating numerous times.maka does'nt like her father because the divorce.
other(unusual ability):soul perception,anti-magic wavelenghth,black blood

Name:Soul Evans
weapon or meister(pick one):weapon(scythe)
appearance:Soul has white hair swept to one side, and red eyes.He wears a yellow and black jacket with buttons going down the front. Around his head is a prominent sweatband.He wears a pair of maroon pants, and yellow and black sneakers
background:Soul came from an extremely rich family of musicians. He had an older brother called Wes, a violinist, whom he suffered an inferiority complex to, and although he himself had a talent for playing the piano, he was reluctant to exhibit this talent because he constantly knew that Wes was better than him. After finding out that he was a Demon Weapon however, he found that he was able to escape from his family tradition as musicians and strive to become a Death Scythe instead.
other(unusual ability):death scythe, blackblood,Resonance Links(piano)