Uhhhh.... Why do I care? Its always so hard to answer his questions, even though they are so simple. I heard footsteps.
"Ya. Why do you care?" He asked, annoyed. I looked at him, then at Seraphi, then to mom, then to Pawa. She noticed what was going on. She walked into the other room, and came out with a banana in her pocket. I chuckled.
"I, um, just wanted to know." Then I smiled.
"Guess I'll be heading out now. Come on Umbra. Come on Luna." Two little girls came running to his side.
"Bye!" Luna said, cheery as ever. I waved them goodbye as they walked away. Pawa appeared at my side.
"Smooth." She put the banana on my head.
"Aww.. They left," She sighed. "And I really liked them." She turned to us.
"You have good friends girls."
"I hated them" I heard my dad mutter. I took the banana off my head, sighed, and went back inside.