On the road

I sat there, eating the pancakes as Luna and Umbra were eating them really fast. "Slow down or you'll choke!", I said as I wiped their faces. "Are you not hungry?", Lowey asked me as I turned back around. "Hm..no, it just that...I'm not really used to eating like this, I usually just have some trail mix or a granola bar.", I said as I took another bite out of the pancake. "Why?", Pawa chimmed in. "I don't have anywhere to live, I usually have a bag of granola bars, one for each day.", I replied as I wiped Luna and Umbra's face again. I finished the pancakes, and washed my and Umbra and Luna's dishes. "Well, thank you for letting me stay, but I should go now!", I said as I headed for the door. "Where are you going!?", Lowey said as she ran up to me. "Not sure, maybe walk around the DMWA...or something like that.", I said as I looked at Lowey. "Why?", I continued.