I woke up with my side hurting (most likely from laughing about that banana...). I got up and did a running jump onto Pawa's bed.
"Morning sunshine." She wheezed. I dug my elbow into her gut which made her grunt. She shoved me off the bed and I fell on my back with a thud. I heaed knocking on the door, so I scrambled into my bed.
"Morning girls. Mind waking up your friends?" She asked, and walked into the kitchen. I go up and went across the hall.
"Knock knock. Can I come in?" I asked. Little Luna opened up the door. Her hair was a little tangled, but she is still super cute.
"Mornin'." She smiled.
"Are Seraphi and Umbra up?" I whispered. She looked behind her shoulder and nodded. Seraphi walked up to the door, followed by Umbra.
"Hey, breakfast is ready." We all walked over to the dinner table and sat down. My mom put a fruit basket in the middle of the table. I reached over and grabbed some grapes. Then mom put a lot pancakes on the table.
"Mind helping me put stuff on the table hon?" She passed me some plates. I gave everyone a plate and she put other breakfast eatables on the table.
"Dig in. There is more than enough for everyone." She smiled.