I had actually forgotten about them. A blond haired man with dull, tired green eyes came out and shuffled over towards me.
"Who are they?" He yawned.
"Mom, Dad, these are my friends Seraphi, Luna, and Umbra. May they spend the night over here? They really have no place to go." I asked. My mom smiled and walked over to Seraphi and patted him the head, than gave Luna and Umbra a tight hug.
"Of course they can stay. Sethree, do you mind if Luna and Umbra stay in the same room as you?" She asked in a kind sweet voice. My mom is like milk: she is nice and sweet warm or cold, but if you have too much of her you'll get sick of it.
"No, I don't mind Mrs.Monsuta. My name is Seraphi." He said, and then let out a let a big yawn.
"Its seh-rah-phee, honey.” Dad corrected.
"Oh, and don't call me Mrs.Monsuta. That's my mother-in-law's name. Call me June. My husbands name is Peter." She chimed.
"Actually, I'd rather be called Mr.Monsuta." He said sounding annoyed.
"Can you show them to Stosh's and Erick's old room?" She pointed towards the main hallway. Pawa led down to the most unused room in the house: my older twin brother’s room. They are in collage now (One getting a scholarship through smarts, the other through sports), so that has really become a guest room. It still has all their stuff that they didn't or couldn't bring.
"Get settled in. If you need anything come get me or Pawa. We are in the room across from you. The bathroom is up the hall to the right. You don't have to leave before the sun rises." I informed. I walked across the hall into Pawa's and mine's room. I plopped down into my bed and snuggled underneath my covers. I felt something leathery near my toes. I looked underneath my covers and pulled out a banana.
"Really Pawa! A banana?!" I laughed. I plopped my head down, put the banana on the side table, and started to go to sleep.
I would of posted this earlier, but the internet went down....