Yes please

I looked at Lowey and Pawa as the two girls finished eating their souls. "Um, actually yes, I do need a place to stay, and cookies sound good right now.", I said as I stood up. "It beats sleeping in the park under a bench.", Umbra said in her monotone voice. "Or in Dr. Steins lab!", Luna chimmed in. "And I'll try to fix your wall, so I'm sorry about that!", I laughed as we went to the kitchen. "So, you slept in a park...don't you have a house?", Lowey asked me as I took a bite out of a cookie. "Well, no not home was burned down by a witch that killed my family and gave me these cuts that are now stitches.", I said as I turned to her. I looked over at Luna and Umbra, who were messing with Pawa. "So, yeah...I'm sorry about all this...again!", I sighed as I leaned back in a chair. As me and Lowey watched Pawa run around, being chased by Luna and Umbra, another person entered the room. "Oh, why hello there...Lowey, who is this?", Loweys mother said as I turned to look at her.