As I had finished putting some socks on, heard running footsteps outside, but it was kind of hard to hear over Pawa singing to this really stupid song.
"Hey, turn that down for a sec." I asked her. She walked over to the radio and paused the song. It sounded like the footsteps where coming closer... I ran out into the unused family room and looked outside. There was like five people running towards my house.I went into the dining room to get a better view of what the heck was going on. Big mistake. Then the maniacs jumped through the window, putting glass shards everywhere. There were to masked men, Seraphi, Luna, and Umbra. They continued fighting even though they had just chrashed through a window. After a while, they defeated the bombers, and the girls ate their evil souls.
"Uhm...I caught the bombers." He laughed.
"I see that, but what I also see is a lot of broken glass and two girls that need help cleaning up. Care to help? Well, really, you have no other choice." Pawa notified. We got that mess taken care of, and no one got any glass stuck in them back there, which is good.
"Well, do you need a place to stay? You hungry? The cookies have cooled, do you guys want some?" I offered.