Danger Close

I watched Lowey as she walked out of the gate. "She gone?", Stein said as he rolled outside, still on his roller chair. "Yeah, do you have the other thing I asked for?", I asked him as he handed me a folded piece of paper. "Heres the coordinates.", he said as I ran off with Luna and Umbra on my back. "The tallest tower...the bobmer must be there.", I said to myself as I ran into the center of town. "As long as I don't have to give chase to it!", I said laughing. I got to the top of the tower but nothing was there. Suddenly, a blast happened 4 blocks away and a tall, skinny figure ran towards me. "Not this time!", I shouted as I spun away and the figure landed in the tower. I dodged a bomb it threw and I kicked him. The figure was a masked man with bombs all over his body. "So this is where all your bombs come from!", I said as I tossed Luna and Umbra in the air. "Twin Pole Formation!", I shouted as they turned into gauntlets and slammed into the man, holding him down. Just as I was about to destroy him, another figure hit me from the shadows of the tower. I fell back and into a pile of wood. The two leaped out and into the city. "No you don't!", I shouted as Luna, Umbra, and I followed into the city. We chased them for several hours, actually it was only a couple of minutes, but it felt like hours. They split up and both ran toward a familiar biulding. "Wha...NO WAY!", I said, as I noticed that the building was Lowey's home. "Luna, Umbra...Bullet Toss!", I sai das I grabbed them and threw them at the two men. They turned into gaunlets and slammed into the men. The bombs they were holding dropped and the two crashed through Lowey's window. "Luna, Umbra, hold steady...Danger close!", I shouted as I landed in through the window. "THIS IS WHAT STEIN TAUGHT ME...SOUL PRUGE!", I shouted as a flash of light filled the room as I slammed my palm into one of the men. Teh masked man seizured, then stiffened, and then went limp. The other man jumped up and grabbed me. I spun around as he grabbed me leg, and twisted my free leg around his arm. There was a loud snap as his arm broke. "Luna, Umbra, NOW!",I said as the two slammed into his back and stomach. The sound of his ribs and spine snapping echoed through the room. "SOUL PURGE!", I shouted as I slammed my palm into the man. The two bodies whisked away, leaving two kishin egg souls in their places. "Alright, one for each of you!", I said as Luna and Umbra snatched a soul and ate them. I turned around just as the door opened to see Pawa and Lowey standing there. "Uhm...I caught the bombers.", I laughed as Luna and Umbra were eating the souls. "But, that doesn't mean there isn't other evil out there...", I thought to myself.