Hilarious Walk-In


"My, those are some of the best stitches I've ever done." Stein said ask he was examining Seraphi's new stitches.
"Thanks Doc." Seraphi said. I looked at my arms and legs, and turned around to see my back. I ran my finger along one of my stitches.


The sun was setting when I got to Stein's lab. I saw Umbra and Luna. Luna was watching the sun set in awe, and Umbra was just watching me.
"Hey Umbra, is Seraphi still inside?" I asked her.
"Why does it matter? Do you like him? Why else would you be here?" She said monotonously. I looked at her surprised.
"What?! Me!? Nooooo! Me? Like him?! No?!" I said kind of hysterically.
"Fine, but its kind of obvious." She replied. She like an adult even though she is just 5!
"Hello? Anyone here?" I said as I walked into the main room. As I walked in, I saw Seraphi lined with stitches. We both looked at each other in shock.
"Oops, my bad. Ummm... I'll be going now...." I said as I slowly walked backwards.