Soup with a Side of Past, Please.


Seraphi didn't come, so that kinda bummed me out, but hey, I get free soup from the guy who wrecked my partner's life! We walked over to City Soup and Chowder, the best and most expensive soup place in this city. Normandy walked ahead of everyone with his inescapable hand around Pawa's shoulder. Poor Pawa. She really hated him. That's really how I met her.
I was walking home after grade school and heard crying in a nearby forest. A small girl with spiky black hair was sitting under a tree crying her eyes out.
"Whats wrong?" I asked.
"My best friend just hu-hurt my heart!" She sobbed
"How?" I asked.
"He k-killed my parents!" She sobbed. Well, that took me by surprise.
"The g-gas line got c-cut and my parents w-were cooking and they lit the s-stove and then boom! I he-heard the doctors talking and-and they said they might-t not live!" She poured her heart out! The poor girl. I decided to take her to my house. That is how we met and how we became good friends.
~Present time~
"Chicken soup, please!" Maka ordered. We had sat down at a round table. All the seats were took except one seat. I hope that he is OK...
"Alright. Your order will be here in a few minutes." The waiter informed us. Normandy sat close to Pawa and asked her something, but she ignored him.
"Alright. My name is Normandy Raider. I formerly live in Bimore, but I have now been roaming. Pawaranchi Teso and I know each other from being neighbors, and my parents worked for Mrs. and Mr. Teso. We had known each other for about 6 years when I asked her to be my girlfriend." He started. I saw heads turn towards Pawa. She put her head down and looked at her lap. Our orders came.
"So then what?" Soul said with a full mouth.
"Don't talk with your mouth full Soul! But what happened next?" Maka asked.
"We dated for about 11 months until I did something really stupid." He answered. Then, a fist collided with Normandy's jaw.
"Shut up." Pawa said. She stood up and walked out.
"Pawa!" I shouted as I ran after her. Maka and Soul sat in the restaurant, along with Normandy.
"Leave me alone. I'm heading home." Pawa shouted. I respected her wish and went back to the restaurant. They had all left. Seraphi meeting Stein worried me. I'm going to see if he is OK.