"Lady-friend?", I said as I looked over at Pawa and Lowey. They were all walking off. "Hey Seraphi, you coming?", Lowey shouted to me as I shhok my head. "No, sorry I can't...I nned to meet with Stein sensei!", I shouted back to her as I turned. "There's something I need to check...Luna, Umbra, with me ASAP!", I said as the two ran to my side. "Why!?", Lowey shouted. "Not comfortable around large groups of people, and I need to with him about...umm...something!", I shouted to her as I walked back out of the ally. "Why are we leaving!?", Luna said jumping onto my back. "At worst, she'll be following us...", Umbra added. "Now, now...don't be mean.", I said to Umnra as she leapt onto my back. "Lets go to see him.", I said.

I arrived at an old rundown looking building of part of the DWMA. "Hey Stein, open up!", I shouted as a slow creaking sound echoed from inside. The doors slide open and there was Stein sensei on his roller chair smoking. "You came by, like you said?", Stein asked as he rolled away to let me through. "Yeah, I need to ask something...and I need you to redo the stitches.", I replied as I sat on a table. "You need to be more careful!", Stein shouted as he looked at my arms. "Yeah, gets tough out there.", I said sarcastically. "Luna, Umbra, keeo watch outside if anyone comes near!", I said to the two girls as they nodded and jumped out the door.